Posting from the road

Hey everyone!

The past few days I have been visiting my grandparents on my mom’s side. They live in a small town where you buy your produce from a farm and when you go to Starbucks everyone knows your name. Coming from San Diego where you can go a whole day without seeing anyone you know, this is a change of pace.

On Monday I arrived and we went to A&W to get root beer floats, a 20 minute drive through the trees and passing many farms. The next day we went to the Oregon coast and played tourists for the day. We enjoyed an amazing lunch at one of my grandparents favorite and found ourselves at the harbor an hour and a half later. The harbor was small, in fact the worlds smallest harbor, It was cool to see the boats navigate out of this harbor under the bridge and into the open water.

Later that day we went to a college campus to pick up my cousins who I haven’t seen in years and took them to dinner. It was good catching up with them as well as seeing their campus as it was a college I had considered before opting out.

Yesterday, my grandpa and I dug a 4 inch deep path from the garage to the backyard and filled it with gravel to create a gravel path. The reason being, the rain season is coming and they needed a way to get to the backyard without trekking across the mud.

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me through this, whether its helping me with my build, giving me a place to stay, or even just encouraging words. It makes this trip a lot easier and more fun knowing I have people in my corner who support me. JZM

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