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Go west young man.
Judah sets out on a solo adventure through the American West.

Judah’s passion for adventure is a key part of the origin story of Unfamed Adventure, and it was during one of our Baja adventures that the idea for his solo trip was born.

At the time neither of us knew what the vision of Unfamed would become, but we both had experienced the power of adventure to connect. And he felt the call to a great adventure, a “last hurrah” before he transitions into adult responsibilities—he frames it as part of his personal journey to growing more confidence in being independent.

If you ask him where he’s headed, he’ll smile and say “Up the west coast.” That’s it. Each day starting with wide open horizons, full of promise and the unknown.

When he explains further his motivations for venturing out it’s my turn to smile, as I hear the purpose of Unfamed reflected in his words: “I want to disconnect from the world for awhile & reconnect with myself and with God.”

Will there be risks? Of course. Will there be surprises? Certainly. Will Judah grow in the connection and confidence he needs to step boldly into his future? Without a doubt.

Be dareful out there, son.

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